Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Loving Right Now? Facewipes! Quick Review of Olay Fresh Effect S'Wipe Out!

I absolutely love the convenience of face wipes. When I've had a long day, there's nothing I want to do less than remove my makeup. My longer process includes a cleansing cream (I use a Nuxe one), an eye makeup remover, and a face cleanser. My shorter version as of late has been using the Olay Fresh Effect S'Wipe Out.

The Olay Fresh S'Wipe Out, first off, smell amazing. Their description says they are "refreshing" and I tend to agree - the smell is lovely and a bit strong, but it disappears after you're done using the wipe. I tend to use the wipe all over my face, and gently on my eyes. I say gently because the wipes are actually a bit exfoliating. I really like this on my face as gives it a deep clean, but I try to be gentle on my eyes.

The wipes remove makeup very well - better, in fact, than the Simple Cleansing Wipes and the Say Yes to Cucumbers wipes I've used in the past. Perhaps it's due to its exfoliating properties? I don't know, but I love that my lighter foundations are easily removed by one wipe.

Best thing about these wipes? I'm on my last wipe of the pack and it is still moist! Most of the face wipes I've used have dried up before I got to the last one since I tend not to use them every day. And that's so frustrating! But I can safely say that these wipes are not going to do that since I'm almost done my pack and I'm still happy with the level of moisture in those last few ones.

While some face wipes have also given my minor break outs (specifically, the Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes), my skin seems to be dealing with these Olay wipes quite well. Granted, I do always follow up with a facial cleanser, just to make sure any wipe residue is washed off.

If you generally like face wipes as a method of makeup removal, I strongly suggest these wipes. They remove makeup very well, and even exfoliate the skin in the process! If you're worried about residue, just rinse your face off after using a wipe, or cleanse your face like I do. These wipes really beat my three part cleansing routine when I've had one of those days and the only thing I can think of is cleaning my face and getting in my sweats asap. Thank goodness for face wipes!

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  1. I've been hooked on these ever since receiving them! Down to my last two now. :(