Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Anastasia Lavish Palette - Review & Swatches

About a month ago, I treated myself to a little gift. I say treated myself, because I've been trying to cut back on makeup in a major way. Unless I run out of something, I'm limiting myself in my purchases as much as possible. So yeah, this was a bit of a treat indeed.

I was instantly drawn to the Anastasia Lavish palette because I had already heard so many good things about Anastasia shadows. I'm also very fond of the Anastasia Brow Whiz, which, sadly, I'm fresh out of. So all in all, I trusted the brand's product quality, and was ready for this palette to woo me.

First off, out of 10, I give the packaging a 5. The cardboard is quite sturdy, but I really don't like that the eyeshadow palette is removable (what if I drop it?!) and that the liner and eyebrow pencil are under the palette. It's really annoying having to remove the eyeshadow cardboard piece to get to the pencils. I'm going to remove mine completely out of the palette. However, that said, it would be quite convenient for traveling. The palette also has a large mirror when you open it. It doesn't get bonus points for me (because I never use those types of mirrors) but some people might like this feature.

The bottom of the kit contains a tweezer, a dark brown brow pencil, a black eyeliner and an eyeshadow brush. The brush is standard - nothing exceptional to note about it. I personally prefer using my MAC 217 so I haven't used it much. The black eyeliner is amazing. Very very black, easy to apply and does. not. budge. It stays on so well that I had a hard time taking if off with makeup remover. 10/10! I'd repurchase a full size of it in a heartbeat. The tweezers are excellent as well. They are slanted, and very sharp. If you're used to dull tweezers (like I am) be very careful with it! The eyebrow pencil is also great, but it's quite dark (even for me) and wouldn't suit just anyone. I don't understand why they would add such a dark eyebrow pencil in a palette that could suit just about anyone. If you're interested in the palette, but your eyebrow are fair, you could always give it away? Really though, that's just a bad move Anastasia.

The eyeshadows are gorgeous. Gorgeous I say! I'm in LOVE with Rum Cake, Antique and Sienna. Truffle, and Pink Sapphire are also amazing. Ballet and Cream lack a bit in pigmentation. I haven't really found a use for Ballet, but Cream is quite nice to use when you want to blend out the crease of your eyeshadow. Black Diamond is very prone to fall-out, so be careful using that one. It's still quite nice on the eye though! Other than Cream and Ballet, all the shadows are very pigmented and creamy.

The shadows has no problem staying on my eyes with a base - I always use a base. The palette comes with a little guide on how to create various eye looks. I tried a few of them and found it to be quite fun! The guide is quite good at explaining how to do the look, which shadows to use and on how to place your eyeliner. And all the looks are really pretty too!

From left to right in the palette. Notice how beautiful Pink Sapphire is upon swatch. Love!

If you're still looking for Christmas presents (like I am) and have a makeup lover on your list, this palette is worth its $50 price point. I've been using the shadows since I got them, and you really can't beat the quality of that eyeliner. Yes, the packaging has its faults, but it's the content that counts right?

Well played Anastasia - maybe next time, don't add a dark brow pencil?


  1. Pink Sapphire looks gorgeous! I'm really into these red burgundy based eye shadows at the moment. They're so glam. I've been curious about this palette, so super thanks for the swatches. Still haven't tried anything from this brand but I'm eyeing their brow wiz. That one looks interesting :-)

  2. What a cute little palette! I like that there's a good mix of colours in there, PInk Sapphire looks amazing. Haven't tried Anastasia eyeshadows, I might have to look into it!