Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Hair Color! My Adventures with Clairol's Natural Instincts

When I went to Toronto a few months back for the Beauty United Launch, I had a chance to speak with Clairol's Expert Colorist Luis Pacheco who gave me a personal consultation advising me what hair color would suit me best. Never one to shy away from experimenting with hair color, I was thrilled when he suggested a deep brown color (#31 in the Clairol Natural Instincts line) as I was already thinking of going darker for the fall.

If you don't already know this, I actually have greys coming in. I just turned 26! But given that my father went completely grey quite young, and my mother as well, I was kind of doomed. I have enough greys that I feel the need to color them but my conversation with Luis taught me something new. He told me that I probably didn't need to keep coloring my hair with permanent hair color but that semi-permanent color would most likely keep the greys covered. That way, my hair would stay less damaged as well.

So, feeling brave last week, I picked up the color I was suggested.
I needed two boxes (and could have used another one!) to cover my whole head of hair. I have really really thick hair.

The contents of the box. I love that they have a color refresher packet to use a few weeks after your hair is colored! The formula of the dye was easy to work with. I've actually used Natural Instincts in the past and like their new creme formula much much more. It's a lot less liquid than the previous formula and it is easier to manage.

And here are the before and after pictures!
What do you think? I'm loving my new hair color! Actually, I'm loving it even more after a few washes. The warm brown really works for fall, and brings out my blue eyes! I got a hair cut after this picture was taken, so it looks even fresher with my dry ends cut off!

Are you changing your hair color for fall/winter?

Oh and it might be worth mentioning another Clairol product. If you're not satisfied with the results of the Clairol Nice n' Easy expert highlights and lowlights, your next salon visit is on Clairol. That's right, they'll send you a $90 CAN prepaid card towards your next color. If you're interested in this salon challenge, the link is here. The offer expires on December 31st and only the first 3000 entries will be eligible. But seriously, how cool is that?

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  1. I use that exact same color and love it! I like that it gets nice and dark but doesn't look black and garish. And I love your blog! I just found it so I'm having fun scrolling through the archives :)

    xx Nina

  2. I think the dark brown looks great! You could go even darker. I don't know what colour to use my coupon on!

  3. Your new hair color truly suits you. It gives a beautiful contrast against your skin. But I hope you could show us how it accentuates your blue eyes too. Anyway, it's good that you braved dying your hair and had a satisfying result in return.
    Susie Laurie