Monday, June 24, 2013

NCLA Designer Nail Wraps - A Review

I've always been a bit sceptical about nail wraps. Maybe I'm a nail polish traditionalist, but I've always been of the mindset that you should paint your nails and wait for the polish to dry. That's pretty silly because I hate waiting for polish to dry - I'm way too impatient for that. But when I got the chance to review the new NCLA Designer Nail Wraps,  I was intrigued. First off, all of the designs were gorgeous. I find most of the nail wraps out there aren't really my thing. I'm not a huge fan of animal print, snake skin print or flowers on nails, and that seems like what's mostly on the market at the moment. NCLA nail wraps however, have gorgeous designs that almost look like a piece of art. I settled on the It Don't Matter set because I'm a massive fan of black and white designs, and I figured it would match my wardrobe well.

As you can see, the set comes with instructions on the back. They're quite easy to follow! And they're also easier to apply than the previous nail wraps I've applied because the sticker isn't stiff at all.

It comes with an NCLA Nail file which worked really well for the application.

The set comes with 24 stickers in different sizes. If you apply them carefully. and most of the stickers fit your nails, you'll most likely have enough leftovers to do another manicure!

Here are my results!

I did waste a few stickers on application because I wanted them to look perfect, but I still have plenty left over for another manicure!

I'm quite happy with these results. The stickers did last a couple days, but then started to peel at the tips which kept catching in my hair, so I peeled them off. It didn't "look" like they were peeling off though, so I'm sure I could have left them on another day or two without them looking too bad. The nice thing about these is that they're really easy to apply and you don't have to wait for your nails to dry. Just make sure you place the base of the sticker properly on your nail and stretch the sticker over the rest of your nail. It's important to stretch it in order for it to fit properly. Then a bit of topcoat and you're done! I can see these being really useful for a night out when you didn't get a chance to paint you nails but want your tips to look cute!

The NLCA Designed Nail Wraps are available on Nail Polish Canada and ship for free!

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* I have received this product for consideration but my opinions are always my own. I am not being compensated for this review and I always strive to review products with honesty.


  1. These patterns look amazing! I'm afraid of nail wraps but I have a set to try out.

  2. These are so Fun! I bet they would be a fun "standout nail" mani on just one finger and maybe the rest all lets say maybe...Hot pink!