Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bite Beauty Luminous Lip Library - Review & Swatches

After having tried their Bite Beauty Color and Shine to Go minis (reviewed here) I knew Bite Beauty was a brand that was to be on my radar. Bite Beauty is an all-natural lip care company that operates out of downtown Toronto. I had no idea they were a Canadian company! Their goal was to create lipstick that was good enough for women to eat - I can't say I would, but the fact that these lipsticks are edible make me think they can't be bad to put on your lips!

When I saw the Bite Beauty Luminous Lip Library available on Sephora's website, I knew I needed to give it a try. I was excited to try 9 Bite Beauty colors - who knows, maybe I'll find my perfect color?

This is what the palette arrived looking as, all packaged up.

 And inside that was this:

And this is what the actual palette looks like! It has a sleek cardboard casing. It feels quite sturdy.
And the inside looks like this! It comes with a small lip brush, which is actually quite good. It has rounded edges which makes lipstick application easy.

From left to right: Cava, Rosette, Pepper, Fig, Cin Cin, Poppy, Carménère, Rosé, Tannin

All, and I mean all of the lipsticks, are incredibly pigmented. They are smooth and creamy - really one of the best formulas I've come across. None of these contain shimmer, or glitter bit. They have a semi-glossy finish - they are still quite opaque and creamy so I wouldn't say they are glossy. They do not dry my lips out whatsoever.

My favorite of the bunch are Pepper, Rosé, Tannin and Cin Cin. Even if it looks a bit orange in my swatch, Cin Cin was quite flattering on, especially with some gold tones for eye makeup. 

I can't speak much of the Prep, Prime and Protect balms, but the Prep was quite pleasant to put on under a lipstick. Personally, I would have preferred to have more lipstick colors in the palettes rather than try on a lip primer and balm. I don't use lip primer, and I have way too many balms already!

If you don't mind applying your lipstick with a brush, I think this would be a great buy! I personally don't have the time to apply my lipstick with a brush in the morning, but I don't mind doing it for a night out. Plus, it's fun to explore different colors you might not think of buying in a full-sized tube!

Hope you all had a great weekend! I visited my grandparents (who live in the middle of nowhere) and it was a blast! My brother and I took some scenic pictures - perhaps I'll post them this week.

Thank you for reading!


  1. Hi Annick, What a beautiful set! I've heard good things about Bite, so I can imagine this set is quite nice. The 'B' shaped lip pots are so cute :)

    1. Thanks Dovey! Bite Beauty never ceases to impress me lately! :)

  2. Lovely colours xx

  3. I just tried Bite lipsticks myself for the first time last week and I utterly concur-- fabulous! Great feeling on the lips.

  4. Thanks for the swatches, I loooooooove Bite Beauty! I got the discovery set, amazing lipsticks. I wrote a review with swatches a couple of days ago, in case you are interested.

    I think I would love Rosé!

    1. I checked out your review! I just love Bite Beauty as well! Can't wait to get more of their lipsticks!

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