Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is not a joke: You NEED Wet and Wild's Comfort Zone palette

I'd like to start off by congratulating Nila on winning my Lancome Rouge in Love giveaway! Your package will be sent tomorrow morning! Enjoy your new lippy and nail polishes! I hope to do more giveaways in the future - this was very fun!

Now on to the matter at hand: Wet and Wild's Comfort Zone palette. It is infamous in the beauty blog world, and with reason: it is absolutely AMAZING and let me tell you why I think so. 

First off, I audibly let out a "YESSS" in my local WalMart when I saw this on the shelf because to my knowledge, I didn't think it was available in Canada. But Canadians, it sure is. And it is only $4.99.

I am absolutely floored by this palette. Swatching it was heaven - the shadows are all creamy and extremely pigmented. I though, "gee, if they feel that good, and are that pigmented, there must be a catch - maybe they aren't very long wearing". Well, I tested that thought and on my oily lids, with primer, they have lasted longer than a lot of my MAC shadows (I'm lookin' at you Copperplate). Fall out is almost non-existent, especially if you pat the shadows on with a stiffer brush (which I always do anyway).

Let's move on to the pictures shall we?
The shadows do not have names but for swatching purposes, I have given them a number, starting from the upper left to bottom right, 1 to 8. 

Swatches, 1 through 8, left to right.

The top 4 shadows of the palette. I absolutely love that second shade. The first shade is a bit patchy. I think it's very similar to MAC's Ricepaper but I do not own it to compare.

Bottom 4 shades. As you can see, # 6 (the second one in the picture) is quite patchy. This shadow was a bit less pigmented than the other shades. Probably the worst in the palette.

Now, for comparison purposes, I pulled out my MAC and various eye shadows to see if these are similar to what I already own. 
Left to right: Bare Escentuals Playlist shade in Chart Topper, W&W #2, MAC Patina, MAC Woodwinked. W&W's #2 is a cooler, more shimmery version of Patina. It is absolutely gorgeous on the eyelid with a neutral brown in the crease. In my opinion, the palette is worth it just for this shade - it is absolutely stunning, especially if you're into cooler shadows.

Left to right: MAC Bronze, W&W #5, MAC Patina, MAC All That Glitters. W&W's #5 is a lighter version of MAC's Bronze. They are very similar in texture and tone - Bronze is darker and more pigmented. Patina is much cooler.

Left to right: MAC Woodwinked, MAC All that Glitters, W&W #3, Bare Escentuals Playlist in Louder. All That Glitters and W&W's #3 is probably the closest dupe I own from this palette. They are quite similar but All That Glitters is a tiny bit more peachy than #3. Woodwinked and Louder are much more yellow.

Now the question everyone is asking, that last shadow is not a dupe for MAC's Club! It's an improvement from Club!
Left to right: MAC Club, W&W #8

Wet and Wild's #8 shade is STUNNING. It's completely unique. Here's a quick look I created with it. I have MAC's Carbon blended out in my crease and outer corner. As you can see, the flash is still visible when applied on the eyelid.

The moral of the story: this palette is absolutely awesome. For someone who doesn't own too many shadows, this would be the perfect inexpensive way to start exploring. The shadows are buttery, do not have excessive fall out and the palette has a good mix of neutral, cool and warm shadows. Even if I have many, many shadows to choose from, I know I will be using this palette simply because of the quality of the shadows and how long they last on me.

This only downside to this is that the flimsy packaging ensures that if this palette is dropped, the shadows will most likely break. But at $5, it's better than smashing my NARS Laguna Bronzer. So I can definitely live with that.

How was everyone's weekend? My boy and I usually spend our weekends watching movies (we're movie buffs) and relaxing. Movies this weekend were Francis Ford Coppola's Tetro and Milos Forman's The People vs Larry Flynt. Both were very good! It baffles me how many movies I have yet to watch and how many I have already seen. I feel like I'll never catch up!


  1. This palette is so beautiful!

  2. Oooh, this looks and sounds lovely! All of the shades look gorgeous in your swatches and photos. It's a shame the brand isn't available here.

    1. Aww, that's annoying! I totally feel your pain - I don't have access to MUFE, Inglot and most higher end cosmetics. Our Estee Lauder counter sucks so much that it doesn't even get most collections. Very saddening!

  3. I love my palette, and I agree I was floored by the pigmentation! Def worth the $4.99.

  4. Forgot to add that I too read that one of the colors was a dupe for MAC Club. ps-I also blogged about this (Today) and linked your blog, your swatches are way better than what I had-hope you don't mind!

    1. Aww thank you! No problem at all girl! I'm gonna check out yer blog!! :)

  5. This is a gorgeous palette, I need this in my life!!!

  6. gorgeous palette! want this so bad! xx