Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lancome Rouge in Love part II with Rose Rendez-Vous #230

After the awesomness of my first Rouge in Love experience with Corail in Love, I thought I'd give another lipstick a go. And once again, I was not disappointed!

Rose Rendez-Vous (#230), or in the US Rouge Rendez-Vous, is a beautiful browny/orange pink. It's a strange description, I know! But that's the best way I can describe it!

As you can see from the swatch, this lipstick is quite glossy. I personally find it glossier than my Corail in Love lipstick but they last the same amount of time on. Rose Rendez-Vous started wearing off at the 4 hour mark. However, I very much appreciate that this lipstick doesn't wear off leaving a lipstick "ring" around my lips.

I took a full-face picture to demonstrate how this lipstick looks on my skintone. I'm a MAC NW15/20 but in the picture, I'm wearing my Estee Lauder BB Cream. I also took this picture after I had been cleaning my apartment for an hour straight so my apologies for the messiness!

Again, Rouge in Love by Lancome has struck gold. I'm absolutely in love with the formula, the texture and the color of Rose Rendez-Vous. If you're looking for a good lipstick, I highly suggest these! They have a great range of shades as well.

We have a long weekend here in Canada! WOOT! It is much needed and I must say I'm also happy this week is only a 4 day week. The weather has been absolutely fabulous around here and sitting in an office doesn't float my boat right now!

Have any of you fallen in love with Lancome's Rouge in Love? If so, what shades? I'm curious as I'm debating which of them will be my next acquisition!


  1. Hi Annick, I see what you mean by the brown-y orange pink! I love your self photo, you have such a striking face and the expression is a bit enigmatic :)

    1. Good, I'm glad someone else gets the lipstick color description hahah! And thank you! <3