Sunday, May 13, 2012

MAC Fashion Sets = 1 Lipstick haul for me

Oh MAC collections, how you reuse your products!

MAC's newest titled Fashion Sets has come out with a bajillion colors of matching lipstick, lip glosses and nail polish.

I swear, MAC has to be sitting in meetings, discussion how cheaply they can come up with a collection. The packaging of this collection is the same as what you'd normally buy at the store, but because of all the hype and publicity, I'm sure loads of people went and bought a bunch of sets, thinking you couldn't get those items in the past and OMG, they will NEVER EVER be available again! That way, MAC gets to boost their sales on regular, permanent collection products. It's frustrating and it's one of MAC fans' biggest complaint: less collections a year, more quality. But this isn't new, and I'm not the only one saying this. And like a hypocrite, I got something from the collection anyway. Sigh.

Some of the products of the Fashion Sets collection are limited edition and I thought the only think that might be worth it (the nail polishes were all dupeable in my humble opinion) was the Spice lipstick. So I went ahead and purchased it with the very real fear that it might be too brown on me. That's the disadvantage of not having a MAC counter near.  And guys, it's borderline too brown - borderline being the key word.

Even though it's a bit too brown toned for my liking, I still kind of like it. For a Satin finish lipstick, it applied quite well and wasn't dry like my other MAC Satin finish lipsticks: Brave and Rebel. Plus, I thought it made my whole face look warmer - I found it emphasized my freckles, which I liked.

I do kind of think this lipstick would look absolutely fab on a darker skintone/more yellow skintone. My skin is very pink and cool and I have a lot of issues with redness - that's why this lipstick pulls so brown on me. If you look around the interwebs, other beauty bloggers with a darker skintone/yellow skintone look absolutely amazing with this lipstick on. Perhaps I'll feel more comfortable wearing it in the summer, but for now, it's Spice and light lipgloss on top! 

Sidenote: I do realize that it's hard to see what the lipstick looks like with a picture of it just on my lips, so in the future, I'll be working on taking full face pictures to showcase the lippies I review. I figured it might be more helpful for you guys!

Have you gotten anything from the MAC Fashion Set collection? What do you think of MAC's collections lately?


  1. I bought several lipglasses but no lipsticks since I knew the lipsticks were permanent, and I always struggle to find a matching lipgloss for my lipsticks. I'll be picking up a few of the lipsticks later on, but I know those will be around.

    1. Yes exactly. Although there were a few limited edition lipsticks too!

  2. I ordered a MAC fashion set with thinking that pretty much followed exactly what you described--- "oh my god, I'll never be able to get these again..." luckily, I entered the wrong credit card address and by the time I got an email asking for my correct details I had come to my senses and no longer wanted the order. Whew.

    1. HAHAH! I have that happen to me all the time and take it as a sign too! Love this!