Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fowl Play

I had been putting off trying on this polish for months. I bought it before Christmas, encouraged by swatches and rave reviews I saw online. However, when I brought it home, I was uninspired by it. I told my self it's purple, and purple is blah to me, and ugh, it's got sparkles. Will it be too much to wear to work? Will it look good on me? I don't know why but I questioned its existence in my life.

Dude, once I put this baby on, there was no more questions. It. is. beautiful. 

Yes, it does require that many photos.  

The one problem I have encountered with this polish is that Seche Vite seems to cause some tip shrinkage. In fact, I felt like tip wear happened faster because of this. But this is the hazard of using Seche Vite as your top coat all the time. I don't have any patience to wait for my polish to dry so I'm faithful to that damn Seche Vite.
If you have this polish still around your local stores, pick it up quick before it's too late!

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