Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 Favorites of the Moment

Here are 5 products I've been using religiously for the past three or four weeks.

1. Annabelle Le Big Show Mascara in Black

I heard about this mascara from Glitter Geek. Arianne raved about the thickening one coat formula. I saw the mascara on sale over the holidays and decided to give it a go. Guys, this is the. best. mascara. ever. Well, after Make Up For Ever's Smokey Lash. But for a drugstore mascara, a quarter of the price of Smokey Lash, it is definitely worth its while. If you like really big and thick lashes when you're applying mascara, this is for you. The bonus of this mascara is that while it applies thickly and generously, it is not a huge pain to take it off. I've complained about the L'Oreal Voluminous formula - when you try to wipe it off with eye makeup remover, it just spreads instead of cleaning off like it should. I hated it for this reason. Le Big Show has given me no issues with removal. No waste of cotton pads with this one!

2. MAC Eyeshadow in Brun

 This is my go to color for eyebrows. I must admit, I am quite lazy when it comes to brows. I don't usually fill them in. They are quite thick so there are no patchy spots really -  I use Brun to make them look more "groomed". Lately though, I've been enjoying a clean, sharp brown, a warm coral blush and rosy lips.

3. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Boy

This has been on regular rotation since I got it. It's the perfect - holy moly I'm late - lipstick. It's not sticky like a balm so there are no problems with hair getting in it and it's light and sheer enough that you can put it on without a mirror. I wish I could keep one in my handbag at all times but I'm too scared of damaging it!

4. MAC Cream Color Base in Virgin Isle

I've loved wearing this with almost no makeup. A big swatch of mascara, a balm and bright coral cheeks. A look I have called, What You Look Like When Walking Outside in Oh So Wintry Canada.This product is extremely pigmented. I usually use it with my Sonia Kashuk flat top foundation brush and blend it into my hand before applying to my skin.

5. Eucerin Aquaphor Skin Protectant Ointment

This has been my nighttime lip treatment savior. For some reason, lip products by Blistex don't work on me. They usually leave my lips more chapped than when I applied the products. My lips have been so dry that they have been cracking in the middle and at the corners. Enter Aquaphor. When my lips are feeling particularity dry, I dab and rub in some of this ointment. It makes my lips feel plump and nourished again. I've used it every night for a about three weeks and the condition of my lips is much better. I do however suggest that you really rub the product into your lips - I don't find it does much if I just apply it quickly. I also got a cold this week and this has saved my nose from being red and chapped. Miracle product, I swear!


  1. So glad Le Big Show worked for you! :) It's still one of my favourites.

    Oh, and also LOVE Brun for my brows. It's the perfect shade for dark haired girls.

    1. So happy you suggested it! I'm never going to splurge on an expensive mascara ever again!