Friday, February 12, 2016

Laura Mercier Second Skin Cheek Colour Blush in Rose Petal Review

I've been sort of looking for the perfect product to replace my beloved Shu Uemura Blush in the shade M Pink 31. Since this favorite of mine seems to be discontinued, I haven't had much of a choice but to selectively use it while looking for another similar option. About a month ago, when I purchased the Laura Mercier Second Skin Blush in Rose Petal, it occurred to me that the texture and the shades were very similar. They are also both so soft and light it reminds me of the feel of a powder like the MAC Prep and Prime.

When I realized they were so similar in texture and feel, it occurred to me they were also very similar shades. A quick swatch later, I realized that they were in fact very similar. The Shu Uemura pulls a bit more nude/plum than the Laura Mercier blush, but still, quite similar.

I bought the Laura Mercier blush and by chance it ended up being a dupe for my favorite blush! Score!

Laura Mercier Rose Petal (left) and Shu Uemura M Pink 31 (right)

I love Laura Mercier's blush packaging. It's compact, classic and sturdy, aka, perfection for me.

Rose Petal is the perfect natural blush pink. It's pigmented, but not so pigmented that you have to be careful when applying it. I know a lot of makeup fanatics love a pigmented blush, but I prefer when I don't have to work or think too much when applying my makeup. This is why I reach for this product so often - I don't even have to think about it and I get perfectly rosy cheeks.

I own a couple more shades of Laura Mercier blushes and they are of excellent quality. If you're looking for a natural rosy flush and have light to medium skin, this will definitely suit you. However, I'd suggest some of the darker shades in this range if you have darker skin tone as this blush is quite light. At C$30, this blush isn't drugstore cheap, but totally worth the price in my opinion.

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