Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Essence's Free Hugs Nail Polish

Hello friends! Long time no talk! Excuse my short absence - sometimes, inspiration just isn't there. I'd rather wait for the funk to pass than write a crappy review! However, today I'm really excited to talk to you about this Essence nail polish I picked up.

While I was visiting my boyfriend's family in a small town in New Brunswick, I stopped at a Shoppers Drug Mart to pick up Tylenol as I had a splitting headache. Luckily, since I always detour through the beauty aisle (anyone else do this?), I ended up on an Essence display I had never seen before. Where I live, the Essence display is quite small and limited, but this small town had a massive Essence display with a ton of different nail polishes to choose from! Because my boyfriend and his dad were waiting for me in the car, I hastily picked up two colors, one of which is the subject of today's post!

Free Hugs, Two Coats. Excuse the dry cuticles.

Free Hugs is a gorgeous pepto-bismol-y pink. Now I wouldn't normally say Peptol Bismol has a nice color, but here, I think it works. The polish is vibrant without being neon, and a true pink. However, I do think the color does pull a little coral in some artificial lighting. The color does not have any shimmer, and the polish needed two coats to be opaque. It dries really fast, so you actually have to be careful not to take too much time during application or the polish can become gloopy. The wear time is great - I've had it on for two days (with L'Oreal base coat and Essie top coat) with no chips and a tiny bit of tip wear. That's excellent for me! I have to say, this isn't the first Essence polish I've fallen for - I'm constantly impressed at the quality of these polishes. And at $1.99, you really can't go wrong!

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