Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Playing with my MAC blushes

Do you ever go in your makeup area, and just want to play with all the colors? Well, that's how I felt Saturday, and I decided to re-discover my MAC blushes. A while back, I depotted my MAC blushes in order to save space and put them into a Z-Palette. Some of these were already pro-pan blushes (Cantaloupe and Harmony). It makes my blushes easier to find and the color of them can be seen through the top of the Z-Palette. Unfortunately, because it's so big, it kind of stays behind my other blushes in my drawer. It's such a shame because some of my favorite blushes are in here!

Cantaloupe had been on my wishlist for so long. When I saw MAC was now allowing the purchase of pro products on their website, I instantly bought this beauty. It's such a gorgeous color for warming up my cheeks. It has fine shimmer that adds dimension to the blush - nothing too obvious though! If you have warmer skin tone, you need this. Like I said, I like it on myself, but it's a bit warm - for someone with warm tones, I can see it being absolutely stunning (oh hai Arianne!)

As you can see, my most used blushes are Tenderling and Pink Swoon. It might have to do with the fact that they are of a Sheertone finish, but I truly used to use them all the time. Tenderling is my sister's all time favorite blush - she's already used a whole one and has repurchased it! Tenderling is a gorgeous muted rosy brown shade and reminds me a lot of Tarte's Exposed blush. Pink Swoon is a beautiful light pink. It's such a great color if you're in a rush - it's sheer enough to hide any blending mistakes, but pigmented enough to give you a gorgeous glow. I absolutely love this blush.

Desirous is one of those blushes I always forget to use, but instantly love when it's on me. It's a bright true pink with gold shimmer. I have to say, I don't like the shimmer at all, but it barely shows up on my skin upon application. I believe this blush is limited edition, but I'm sure there are plenty of dupes out there for it (Tarte's Blissful comes to mind).

I love how Harmony has many faces - I use it as a blush, a bronzer, and even sometimes, to warm up the crease of my eyemakeup. It's so easy to use and a great makeup staple in my opinion. As a bronzer, it doesn't pull too orange, for all you pale beauties out there. And I find it's the perfect blush, applied lightly, for a smokey eye and pink lips!

Immortal Flower and Modern Mandarin were bought during the Tres Cheek MAC Collection frenzy. I am SO happy I got a hold of these blushes before they sold out because they are absolutely gorgeous. They are both a dream to apply and have the most gorgeous sheen and are not glittery at all. Truthfully, Modern Mandarin is a bit hard for me to wear when my skin is at its palest. You only need a tiny minuscule amount to have it show up on the skin. I love wearing it with barely any makeup, freckles showing, groomed brows, mascara and a balm. Immortal Flower is also beautiful and has the same sheen as Modern Mandarin. It's a soft coral-pink and is so pretty on the skin. It's not as pigmented as Modern Mandarin, but I have a soft spot for those sheertone type blushes anyway.

Fleur Power was one of my first MAC blushes (and on that, I should throw it away because it's oooold). I love its vibrant pink shade that adds a bit of warmth to my face. It is seriously pigmented and you only need a tiny amount to add glow to your cheeks. I can see this blush being gorgeous on every skin tone! I definitely recommend this blush to someone who is looking for a pink with punch!

And there we go - all my MAC blushes swatched and reviewed. I also have some MAC Mineralize blushes, but they didn't fit in my palette. Perhaps I'll go ahead and swatch those in the next little while?

Hope this was fun to read! What's your favorite MAC blush ever? I'd love to expand my collection a little bit so shoot me some suggestions!

Have a great day, all!


  1. This is a lovely collection! And it's amazing, I don't have any of it. YES, SHOW US YOUR MINERALIZE BLUSHES.

    I started with Blushbaby, which I think would fit here quite nicely actually! It's pinker than Harmony and Tenderling but browner than Fleur Power. Breath of Plum is also very pretty and one of my faves.

  2. I don't have ANY of these MAC blushes believe it or not haha! Prism was my first MAC blush and I always have it-it's a great everyday colour for me. Peaches is another good one I like!

  3. Such lovely natural colours, I love the pink swoon colour *0*

    恵美より ♥

  4. I like how varied your shades are! I have wayyy too many versions of a dusty-rosey-plum. yikes.

  5. I have Tenderling and I use this shade A LOT... last year. Haha! I have Harmony too, but when I depotted it, it shattered, so there goes 1 blush.

  6. The pink swoon seems just right for me! Thanks for sharing!

    Colour Me Classic

  7. I'm loving the look of immortal flower! Such a fantastic collection...yay for rediscovering!!

  8. OMG you have Modern Mandarin, so jealous!