Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Musings on Diorskin Nude Tan # 002

This summer, for some unknown reason, I actually tanned a little bit. This didn't come without effort! I had to (HAD TO, poor Annick!) lie on the beach several weekends in a row in order to get any color. And yes, you can absolutely tan with sunscreen.

Sadly, I haven't gone in about a month because a) I'm too busy and b) it hasn't really been nice enough. Because I'm not really into self tanning (even if I should) I've been resorting to bronzers to hold on to my mini-tan as long as I can.

While I had previously been using the Diorskin Nude Tan in 002 as a contour powder/blush, I have recently been using it as an all over face bronzer/powder and have been loving it! It's the perfect shade to add a little bit of color to my skintone in a very natural way. I apply this generously under my cheekbones (or sometimes as a blush), and then use a the leftovers for my nose, chin and temples.

One of the nice things about this product is that the packaging is so luxurious that it's truly a treat to use. Plus, there's a massive mirror inside the compact which makes this a perfect addition to a makeup bag.

From the swatch, you can tell the powder is quite natural looking and it couldn't make me look like a streaky mess even if applied generously. It's quite light in texture as well, so I don't look like I've caked on the powder either - it sits beautifully on the skin because it has the tiniest amount of shimmer. It makes me look like I have a light tan, or I've spend the weekend in the sun. And that is just awesome.

I wouldn't suggest the Diorskin Nude Tan in 002#  if you're looking for a serious contour powder - you might have more success with NARS Laguna or MAC Sculpt. They do carry darker shades, but in my experience they pull a bit orange and wouldn't work as well as a contour powder. The darker shades would look fabulous if you're looking to bronze up your skin though!

When I first got this product, I was a bit disappointed that it didn't show up too much on my skin and I pretty much only used it as a light contour powder or blush. I'm so happy I've found more uses for the Diorskin Nude Tan and hope to stretch my face tan well into October with it!

Thank you for reading friends!


  1. Somehow these circular Dior bronzers have never really been on my radar, but the more swatches I see the more I'm impressed! This one, for instance, looks perfect for us pale girls (particularly during the winter). If it makes you look like you've been in the sun for a week it's something I need to consider being that I dwell in an office ...

    ♥ Jessica