Sunday, April 22, 2012

QUO by Orly Gels: Take 3 with By Candlelight

It is Sunday night, and I am wiped. I miss the weekends where I felt refreshed! Hopefully next weekend will be more low key. I need me a LUSH bath soon! 

This week, I have sported an QUO by Orly Gels manicure in By Candlelight. What I thought was going to be a true red turned out to be more of a berry color. You can't tell very well from the pictures, but By Candlelight has a clear purple tone in it.

As per usual with the QUO by Orly Gels I have used, I use a Gelish base and top coat. On my ring finger, I used Close Your Fingers and Cross Your Eyes by Gelish. I kid you not, that is the name of the polish. Who has time to write the whole name!

Honestly, this color disappointed me. The label on the bottle made me think it would be a dark, true red. It's definitely not a bad color - just not the kind I feel confident with. The formula was excellent and required two coats but I might have been able to pull off one coat.

If berry toned reds are your thing, then you will not be disappointed with this - there is no problems with pigmentation or formula and the color is very pretty. However, if like me you're looking for a true red, I suggest perhaps getting the other red in the QUO by Orly Gels collection (I can't recall the name but it's the only other red and seemed very similar to Hot Rod Red by Gelish). Gelish also does a great selection of red polishes and swatches are easily found online.

Billie is running wild in the apartment! I hope she settles down because Annick needs some rest! She usually finds stuff to make noise with as soon as I turn off the lights. Oh Billie, what a cat!

I hope you have a wonderful week! I'll be checking in soon with a surprise! 


  1. lol my cats ALWAYS run like crazy fools as soon as we hop into bed.
    This is a super pretty colour! Does it need to be cured or do you wear it regularly?

    1. Hahaha cats are funny creatures. They're entertaining for sure!

      Yes, it does need to be cured! But it's not as complicated as some people might think! You just need a UV lamp (I got mine on ebay for $12) and a top and base coat. If you're someone who hates chipped nail polishes, it's definitely something to try ;)

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. I just found the Quo by Orly Gel at my Shopper's this week and I used my Optimum points to invest in the whole set up plus two polishes - Meaningful Destiny (a deep plum) and Burning Love (a poppy red shade). This is my first time doing gels at home and so far, I am thrilled with the results! Your blog is the only one I can find about the product, and I love your posts, so I will definitely be returning. Can you tell me, have you tried 'sandwiching' regular polishes between gel coats? If so, what was your experience? Thanks!

    1. Hi Shannon!

      I'm glad you're happy with the results! I'm really happy with my QUO by Orly purchases too! Meaningful Destiny is definitely on my list! :)

      I've never tried sandwiching polish between gels myself but I hear it does in fact work! :)

      Thanks for the sweet comment! I look forward to hearing from you again! ;)