Friday, January 27, 2012

May I just inform you of something...

Last week, I decided to order the Bare Escentuals The Playlist palette. I was looking for something more portable than my MAC 15 palettes but also for different shades than what I currently possess.The Playlist won over The Cocktail Hour palette after a long debate and extensive shade comparison.

I must say, I really really do not regret my choice. This palette is excellent. The shadows are buttery soft - but not too soft that there's fallout when they are applied. Even the more sparkly shades applied like a dream. They are incredibly pigmented - only a tiny amount is needed. And they are all contained in a cute little palette that is very sturdy!

Disclaimer: I don't know what it is about my skin chemistry, but my eyelids are very oily. I NEED a base (usually Two Faced Shadow Insurance) in order to have my eyeshadow stay in place all day. Even then, shadows like Club and Copperplate by MAC will crease by the end of the day. So is my curse. With a base, the shadow in The Playlist palette called "Louder" stayed on all day, with ZERO creasing. That's pretty amazing to me.

Here are some swatches!

 From left to right, 1st row: Pumped, Chart Topper, Max Volume, Louder
                               2nd row: One Hit Wonder, Most Requested, Remix, Speaker Box

After swatches - shows the texture of the shadows. Like I said, they are very smooth.

From left to right: Pumped, Chart Topper, Max Volume, Louder, One Hit Wonder, Most Requested, Remix, Speaker Box.

Some of my favorites include Chart Topper, Louder and Speaker Box. But they are all very beautiful. I must also say that my swatches are very light - a couple swipes. So they are quite potent even if it doesn't look too much like it in the pictures.

Here it is in action, in a poorly shot picture, because I have a shit camera. Louder is on lid, a tad of pumped in the crease and One Hit Wonder in inner corner and for blending.


The palettes retails for $40 on their website, but I purchased mine on Ebay. If you don't own a whole lot of eyeshadow and you're looking to expand, this is a great start. If you're an eyeshadow fanatic, and you can never have enough, you also need this. If you're kind of in the middle of both, like me, you probably most likely need this as well.

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