Saturday, April 23, 2011

MAC Cream Color Bases - Aye or Nay?

So far, I've gotten my hands on two MAC cream color bases. And it's an AYE so far for me. But some people might not like them and here's why: they are INCREDIBLY pigmented and EXTREMELY hard to blend. So be warned, they do not have the same consistency as a MAC cream blush. You will find your cheeks getting red trying to blend these in properly and then wonder which is the color and which is your red skin. Not the best technique. But what might be considered a downfall for some are exactly what others are looking for.

The CCB in the front is Virgin Isle and the out of focus one in the back is Bougainville. Virgin Isle is a pink-coral color and Bougainville is a plummy fuchsia. Both are gorgeous on lips and on cheek

Swatch of Bougainville and Virgin Isle.

Swatch of Bougainville and Virgin Isle blended in.

As you can see by the last swatch, even blended (vigorously might I add), these colors are quite potent. However, the huge advantage to these is that they are incredibly versatile. Both these colors look great on the apples of the cheeks as well as on the lips. I hear Virgin Ilse is actually quite close to MAC's Vegas Volt lipstick. Unfortunately, I don't own it to compare. These are quite drying on the lips so I suggest a good lip balm or gloss on top.

Also, to add, these are very long wearing, especially on the cheeks. These swatches were removed with Bioderma and were still stained on my hand for the rest of the day. That says something because I wash my hands 40 million times a day.


  1. I agree that they're quite difficult to blend. I have Madly Magenta too, & that one stains like no other!

    Great review!

  2. They ARE difficult to blend! I read/saw somewhere that some beauty bloggers are using a stippling brush. I'd be way too scared to do that. Errors are kind of unforgiving with this product!

    Thanks! <3