Thursday, April 28, 2011

Brit Wit?

Let me just start by saying, I absolutely love this blush. I love the color, I love the dewiness of it. It's gorgeous.

Have you ever put blush on and notice that, holy jesus, it really looks like I have makeup on. This happens to me all the time. My skin tone is quite pale but for some reason, I do not blush naturally. So putting on a pink blush looks frankly unnatural on me. This is where Brit Wit comes in - it give me a "me" glow. Not too pink, not too brown, just the color I'd blush if I would naturally do so. It's almost how I look if I spend the day in the sun (without burning).

This isn't even a color I would normally reach for. But for some reason, I though, eh, why not try a plummy blush. Boy was I surprised. 

This is the new Cremeblend version of the color. I can't comment on the old formula as I have never owned it. I love this one a lot though - I have an oily/combo skin and it stays quite well. Albeit, if you truly have oily skin and you do not enjoy the dewy look, this is probably not for you.

Here it is swatched on my hand:

And here it is swatched and blended.

This is truly a remarkable color. I highly recommend this if you'd like a natural, buildable flush to your face. I even add some to my nose sometimes!

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