Monday, October 14, 2013

CoverGirl Clean Glow Blush in #120 Spices - Review & Swatches

Hello friends! Today I'm bringing you a review of the CoverGirl Clean Glow Blush in the shade #120 Spices. I was lucky enough to receive this product for review, and I'm happy to say that it's become a staple in my makeup routine!

The CoverGirl Clean Glow Blush is, as the name of it suggest, a blush. But I personally use it as a bronzer to add a touch of color to my face. Since it's not necessarily meant to be a bronzer, the color of it is a bit pinker than what I would normally use for a bronzer, but I find that just gives a more natural finish.

I find the packaging of the product quite sleek and classy in design. The case is easy to open and close, and I love that you can see the blush/bronzer through the clear top.

#120 Spices, swatched on my hand.

And #120 Spices, under my cheekbones.

I mostly use the CoverGirl Glow Blush as a bronzer under my cheekbones, but what I love the most about it is that because it is a bit more pink in tone, it is the perfect color to blend out my blush under my cheekbones. It gives my cheeks a more seamless finish - there are no harsh lines separating my blush and bronzer. Plus, this product smells delicious, and lasts all day! If you're looking for a pigmented blush, I wouldn't recommend this as it doesn't give off a ton of color, but it's perfect if you're super pale like me!

Hope you're all having a great Monday!

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  1. Your make-up looks flawless!!
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